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Custody Related Matters

Working for the Best Interests of Your Child

Child custody is often the most contentious issue in divorce and can result in stressful, emotional situations for parents and children.  Both parents want to remain an integral part of their child's life, and deciding how this will happen is extremely important.  Finding an experienced attorney to work through these situations helps to alleviate the stresses encountered.

Offering Over 100 Years of Combined Legal Experience

At the law firm of Haber Silver & Simpson, our attorneys help you arrive at custody arrangements that work best for you and your children.  Our legal practice includes all aspects of child custody, including the following areas:

  • Sole Legal Custody, Joint Legal Custody. Depending on the needs of the children and the situation of the parents, we will seek sole legal custody or joint legal custody.  Legal custody refers to the decision-making powers of the parent or parents and covers health and medical care, education and religious instruction.
  • Physical Custody. Determining where the child will live, also called physical custody, is an important part of the custody process.  Some parents are able to share custody of the children, while others find it better to have one parent serve as the custodial parent while the other has visitation rights.
  • Custody Disputes. Disputes over child custody can arise during the divorce proceedings or after the court has rendered a decision.  Our lawyers work with a team of experts including child psychologists and educational specialists.  Their involvement in the case helps us present helpful evidence to the court when determining the best interests of your child.
  • Relocation and Removal. When one parent wishes to change a custody or visitation agreement because of a new job or remarriage, the changes must be agreed upon by the parties or decided by the court.  We develop proposals for clients when they or their ex-spouse move out of state, remarry, change work schedules or suffer from deteriorating health.  Our attorneys have years of experience developing creative legal solutions that work for our clients and are in the best interest of the children.
  • Hague Convention. International child custody matters covered by the Hague Convention involve situations that may include one parent accusing the other of kidnapping or physically removing the child from the United States.  Our lawyers consult with experts and investigators to recommend solutions to these complex issues.  They have successfully argued such cases in the United States District Court.

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