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Family Law Mediation and Arbitration

An Alternative to Costly Divorce Litigation

Divorce is costly in both financial and emotional terms and the scars of a divorce proceeding can last for many years.  The firm of Haber Silver & Simpson encourages clients to consider alternatives to going to court to resolve their family law issues.  Our attorneys often mediate family issues as an alternative to court in order to help preserve resources so families can move forward with their lives.

Why is Mediation Helpful?

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (often referred to as ADR) that allows parties to have control over the outcome of their situation.  It is particularly well-suited for use in divorce and other family law cases because it is often faster, less expensive and allows for a party to have a greater level of control.  With the help of a mediator, participants in a mediated divorce settlement are able to reach a resolution that is satisfactory to both parties.

A mediated divorce or custody settlement is independent of a court system and a judge. For this reason, divorcing couples often find that mediation is a good way to arrive at unconventional or customized arrangements regarding child visitation, custody and other issues that arise during divorce.  In addition, if the parties are unable to settle the matter through mediation, it is not binding; they can return to court and present their arguments to a judge if they wish.

Why is Arbitration Helpful?

Unlike mediation, arbitration is binding.  It requires a neutral third-party arbitrator to review the case and make a decision. In this way, it is similar to the court process.  However, it is usually faster, more flexible and less expensive than a family court trial or hearing.

In family law matters including divorce or custody, the parties can agree to submit their unresolved issues to binding arbitration.  By doing so, they agree to abide by the decision of the arbitrator.

How Our Attorneys Help

We understand the benefits of each process and advise clients about the best methods available for their situation when resolving their family law disputes.  Our team includes lawyers who are certified New Jersey mediators and have substantial experience arbitrating family law issues.

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